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The Polestar studio is a haven for you to find your inner strength through use of the Pilates Method. Our sessions have been developed with the latest Pilates equipment, as well as a variety of other apparatus used in sports therapies. The studio is a spacious air conditioned studio with separate areas for group classes, studio area, rehab centre, naturopathy, massage & beauty therapies and creche.

As each person comes with different needs and backgrounds, we recommend that your first session be a private session. You will be introduced to the basic principles of Pilates including the breathing techniques and use of apparatus. You will form an awareness of your own body's strengths and weaknesses which will allow you to decide which areas of Pilates you want to develop. Your instructor can help you determine if more private sessions are needed, or if you are ready for semi-private sessions or group classes. We do recommend that beginners take 2-3 private sessions before advancing to semi-private and group mat classes. You can start Pilates by taking mat classes if you do not have any major injuries. Please discuss this with an instructor before your first class. If you do have injuries, start your rehabilitation with a private session. We do offer a full postural assessment with our Physiotherapist. Once you are comfortable with the Pilates terminology and exercise techniques, you can combine both machine sessions and group mat classes for a varied program.

Anyone can do Pilates, regardless of age or fitness level.

  • Those suffering from work related back pain; Pilates can relieve back pain by engaging the correct postural muscles.
  • For the elderly and those suffering arthritic conditions; Pilates is gentle and effective and assists joint mobility and support.
  • During pregnancy; Pilates helps maintain strength, tone and mobility as their centre of gravity changes.
  • Athletes looking to further improve their performance; Pilates can be specifically designed to improve sports performance for athletes and performing arts clients.

From experience, 2-3 sessions a week is a great balance, combining both group classes and machine sessions for a total body workout.

As with all exercise, you should wear what is comfortable for you. Take into consideration that the instructor does need to observe the body, so try not to wear clothes that are too baggy. Please bring socks and a towel (shoes are not needed during the workout). At Polestar all equipment, including mats, are provided.


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